Sweet respite is on the way for Apple fanboys craving a small memento of Steve Jobs for themselves: a new 12-inch ultra-realistic Steve Jobs doll "action figure" will be hitting the market soon. Following the success of their original Jobs doll, which showcases an older and wiser incarnation of the Apple founder, Tokyo-based Legend Toys is releasing two more versions of SJ, one a late 70s-era Steve and the other the iconic 80s Steve complete with grey New Balance sneakers and a black turtleneck tucked into jeans. The 70s Steve is clad in a fairly intense double-breasted jacket, tie and pinstriped pants combo, a stark contrast to his later uniform. With a handsome face and dark mop top, this Jobs is very, creepily accurate, especially as staged by Legend in classic Jobsian poses.

If you'd like the privilege of scoring a mini-Jobs for home or office, be prepared to drop $200 (shipping included), and please call us when you do: as much as we'd like to hate it, we're dying to stage puppet shows, create stop-action movies, bend mini-Jobs into all sorts of compromising positions and get his thoughts on our latest business plans.