Folks out enjoying the anything-goes and often hazy vibe at Dolores Park should be extra vigilant about the various vendors, sales people and fellow park users. A recent report claims two women tested positive for Rohypnol after spending an afternoon in the park.

The report was posted to Reddit, asking if others parkgoers had experienced similar experiences:

A friend of mine and her friend (both female) were hanging out in Dolores Park and somehow both ended being roofied. Neither of them remember how it happened, but thankfully they both made it home safe that day and there was no physical/sexual assault. (They had a checkup at the hospital today, and both tested positive for rohypnol.)

We're thinking that they may have bought some spiked water from one of the random people selling things in the park, but we're not sure. Please be careful when buying things from random people selling edibles/drinkables.

Since the details are scarce here, and the victims did not initially report the incident to the police, consider this a public service announcement to always be careful when it comes to ingesting things in the park.

Update, October 16th: San Francisco police are now issuing a warning to be extra vigilant when buying food and drinks in the park.