Moms. They're fantastic. And they just want you to be safe. Take, for example, Ofelia Gomez of San Lorenzo, who camped out in front of the new Pink Dolphin store location on Haight Street for two nights so that her son, Christian Gonzalez, 16, could be first in line for the store's grand opening.

"We came Thursday night to see the scene and we have been here waiting since Friday morning at 8 am. I am here because my son loves the brand and I wanted him to be safe," Gomez told the store's PR ilk. She parked in front of the store so she could watch over her son while he kept his spot in line. She slept in the back seat during the night.

Your editor, who came across the massive line outside Pink Dolphin, spotted a queue the leaned heavily toward young teens and a mix of ethnicities. A refreshing change compared to the types who, no matter the wait, will line up for Sriracha ramen mole cupcakes or whatever the latest food trend is.

Anyway, the reason for the line was that Pink Dolphin — owned by Neima Khaila and Cena Barhaghi, who are from the Bay Area, and only 25 and 22, respectively — released a collection of limited edition hats, hoodies, shirts that were only available in store. Here are some pics of the scene and the store.

Pink Dolphin: 1431 Haight, San Francisco