A man dressed in a Raiders t-shirt made a lasting international impression when he stripped naked on the tarmac at Manchester Airport. The 52-year-old man, who appears to be British (unless Oakland residents have taken to wearing skimpy black briefs and shouting "Come on then" in Manchester accents), allegedly became intoxicated on an EasyJet flight from Malta to Manchester, at which point he became abusive and became shouting at other passengers. Upon landing, the man stripped down to his skivvies and tried to engage the flight's pilot in a fight (free advice: they don't like when you do that).

At that point, the intoxicated man decided now was as good a time as any to strip completely naked, revealing a charming scorpion tattoo on his thigh. His female companion then slapped him in the face, and at some point in the proceedings he also managed to urinate on a wall. The excitement culminated as the man, now dressed in his Raiders shirt again, was tasered by police and arrested. And thus it was that this folk hero, whose name has not been released, will forever be remembered for his bravery in fearlessly promoting the image of Raider Nation around the globe.

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