The man behind Prop. 8 may have suffered a setback when his anti-gay marriage campaign was thwarted earlier this year, but Frank Shubert isn't letting that get him down. He's now ramping up the bullshit machine for another go, this time taking aim at the rights of transgender teens.

The Daily Beast reports that Schubert has signed on to lead a campaign backed by the National Organization for Marriage. The goal? To repeal California's new law reinforcing existing anti-discrimination laws. The law allows transgender public school students to elect which bathroom to use and which sports teams to play for.

Here's his intro to a piece called "There is Only Gender" for the conservative website Red State:

"You might look at my Caucasian features and wonder why I am claiming to be an African American. I may not be a natural descendent of African American lineage, but I feel black and have thus decided to identify as African American."

You can guess where that one is headed. The analogy is "no more ridiculous than the latest craze from the left concerning something they call 'gender identity.'" Trend alert! In the piece, he urges that we "accept the truth of reality in the natural order. We accept the natural meanings of gender and gender differences, and reject attempts to redefine them with amorphous perceptions and feelings about 'identity.'"

NOM and Schubert are looking to gather 507,760 signatures opposing the law, the necessary number to qualify for a referendum by the November 8 deadline. Although Schubert is one of the few who believe it's actually possible, the action is at the very least a sinister attention-seeking ploy. And with trans kids in the crosshairs, this one could get ugly.

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