A warning to all iPhone users: You may lose friends, and piss off colleagues or dates, if you aren't paying attention to whether your iMessages are getting delivered. One of the worst bugs in the bug-plagued iOS7 causes texts simply to stop going out, and this can be fixed by restarting the phone.

Apple issued a statement last week saying it was working on a fix for the problem, which they claim (spuriously) is only affecting a "fraction of a percent" of users, including this SFist editor, and a number of my friends on Facebook, as well as those of this Tech Crunch editor — so it's likely affecting a lot more people than they know. PC Advisor has a more complicated fix for the problem, which involves turning iMessage off and resetting network settings.

The last update included a fix for another bug, which allowed users to get around the passcode protection and access the phone without entering one, but Apple still hasn't addressed what appears to be an issue with battery life-suckage, and/or a bug that shows the battery life plummeting faster than it actually is.

Mercury-News columnist Troy Wolverton, who jumped on the bandwagon along with every other tech writer in singing the praises of the new operating system at first, has also found that his new iPhone 5S randomly crashes, like a lot.

Anyway, we all know how this goes, and this isn't the first time an Apple product has been buggy. We'd advise keeping a close eye on those texts until it's fixed.

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