The investigation into the tragic, post-crash death of 16-year-old Ye Mengyuan following the Asiana Airlines disaster in July has been completed, and the firefighter responsible for running her over may face charges.

As we learned earlier, the scene was chaotic and confusing, and Ye may have been run over more than once by multiple fire rigs as she became obscured by fire-retardant foam. But the investigation appears to point to one firefighter in particular, and the findings have been handed over to prosecutors who will decide within two weeks to pursue charges.

ABC7's Dan Noyes previously pointed the finger at 49-year-old veteran firefighter Elyse Duckett, who arrived late on the scene because she had been out of the firehouse getting food for the crew when the crash happened and the first calls came in. Her rig, as Noyes reported, was not equipped with the heat-detection technology that's used to detect people in the truck's path in visually impaired situations.

Ye's body was spotted in a fetal position by several firefighters who concluded that she was dead. The coroner later concluded she had died from crushing injuries to her head and pelvis from a vehicle.

The final results of the investigation have not been made public.


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