Mountain View police succeeded in harshing the mellow of many ravers and would-be ravers over the weekend when they arrested over 100 people at the Beyond Wonderland music fest at Shoreline Amphitheater. The arrests were mostly for drunkenness and drug offenses, and it's unclear why so many people had to face arrest, but this particular event has had its share of trouble in the past.

Last year's Beyond Wonderland, which took place at Oakland's Oracle Arena, led to dozens of noise complaints from all over the region.

This year's party was over two days and attracted 40,000 ravers. As the Mercury-News reports, the legions of arrestees were all taken to Santa Clara County jail. We assume they had buses, or something.

It seems that Peninsula cops wanted to combat any potential drug-related medical issues by arresting as many people and confiscating as many pills as possible. Authorities are still made nervous by the specter of those ecstasy overdoses at the Cow Palace a couple years back.