The Center for New Music opened roughly a year ago at the edge of the 'loin to foster a community around new music in San Francisco. What is new music? It's hard to pin down; someone's noise is somebody else's delight, but you know it when you hear it. The Center hosts events quite often in the evening, and this Friday, September 27th at 6pm in particular, you can catch the A/B duo, composed of flutist Meerenai Shim and percussionist Chris Jones in an happy hour session that includes chiptune music performed by a Gameboy. And drinks.

Meerenai is a local flutist who goes beyond playing birdlike trills with her instruments. She's an ardent advocate of new music, and has been commissioning pieces from a bunch of composers that you can check out here. We called Meerenai last week to discuss the new pieces she'll premiere at the Center on Friday.