On Wednesday during a question and answer session on Reddit, noted San Francisco comedian and bear icon Robin Williams revealed a Mrs. Doubtfire story involving the titular Scottish woman, a San Francisco sex shop, a very large sex toy and a jar of personal lubricant.

During the Ask Me Anything session, Redditor and huge Mrs. Doubtfire fan swatmp5 asked, "is there a funny/fond story you could share about working on the set of that movie?" In typical manic fashion, Williams responded:

Yes. One time in makeup as Mrs. Doubtfire, I walked into a sex shop in San Francisco and tried to buy a double-headed dildo. Just because. Why not? And the guy was about to sell it to me until he realized it was me - Robin Williams - not an older Scottish woman coming in to look for a very large dildo and a jar of lube. He just laughed and said "what are you doing here" and I left. Did I make the purchase? No. * Did I walk away with a really good story? *Yes.

And now, Mrs. Doubtfire cleans the house while lip syncing Aerosmith:

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[H/T: HuffPo]