The New Voices project, a collaboration of the New World Symphony, the San Francisco Symphony (both MTT-led) and the music publisher Boosey & Hawkes to get young composers to write for large orchestra, had its first commissionee, 28yo Canadian composer Zosha Di Castri's Lineage performed last week by the SF Symphony. Zosha's own lineage comes from spectral music, this '70s movement which puts the emphasis on the color of a note. Di Castri's piece plays with colors for roughly ten minutes, producing glittering textures, and slowly evolving sonic atmospheres. She anchors the piece around a melodic motif that hovers in between the notes (using microtones, that is the spaces in between the scale notes), but the piece drifts away from this "melody" and back, reaching intriguing timbres and wonderful colors and textures along the way. We had no idea slapping the mouthpiece of a tuba with your hand would generate such wheezy sound. It is a piece that needs full attention, so full it is of details and minute inventions.