Noted Inner Richmond Burmese joint Burma Superstar closed their doors over the weekend after the city's public health officials connected 14 local cases of E. Coli infections to people who had eaten at the restaurant. Despite the E. Coli scare, the restaurant re-opened Monday evening to the usual hour-long waits.

According to owner Desmond Tan, the restaurant's closure was voluntary. Nine of the 14 patients had eaten at restaurant on August 16th or 17th, the SFDPH wrote in a statement, but none were fatal and no additional cases were reported after the initial exposure date.

As Tan pointed out, the incident was the restaurant's first during 17 years of business and the Clement Street spot continues "to adhere to the highest food safety health practices, including having DPH officials provide food safety seminars to our staff."

Although word of the outbreak popped up across the local news on Friday evening, local eaters showed plenty of confidence in the place. According to one friend of SFist who ate at the restaurant on Monday night, the wait for a table around 7:45 p.m. was about an hour and fifteen minutes.