We hear a lot about police officers doing their jobs (or not), but we rarely get to put a face to a name or a name to a heroic achievement. We're guessing that's the reason behind the website sfcitycops.com, a project of the San Francisco Police Officers Association.

With the tagline "They work to make your day," the site tells its story with video clips that introduce us to local cops and their accomplishments. So far, three better-know-a-cop tales profile an Army vet working the Bayview beat, an investigator with a prosthetic leg working the Mission, and a husband-and-wife team who keep the magic alive by patrolling the Tenderloin together every day.

But better still are the more recent dramatic reenactments of two recent police incidents, one of which (the clip called "Lifesaver") a sharp-eyed friend of SFist saw airing on MSNBC.

Remember December's story about the SFPD officers who administered CPR to a newborn while speeding to the hospital? Here's the heroic reenactment with the two hero cops:

And how about that that July fire on Pine Street? Here's the story for the side of the cop who rescued a 91-year-old woman from the burning building:

We've reached out to the SFPOA for more information on just what the motivation behind the site is, but we're guessing they're looking to get on the social media bandwagon to publicize their successes (up next, that $1.5 million MDMA bust?) and put a kinder, gentler spin on our local fuzz. We're staying tuned to see what they come up with next.