As they have in previous years, undercover federal agents are currently roaming Black Rock City, in proper playa garb, trying to bust unsuspecting souls for drugs. The place is not, in fact, the lawless bacchanal that most of us believe it to be.

There are drug dogs, NARCs in Catwoman costumes asking dudes for E, and the like, and sure, that sucks. But this is Nevada, and law-and-order types take great satisfaction in raining on the parade of relaxed, semi-naked Burners who are just trying to spread the stimulant/hallucinogenic love.

Also, as the official drug and alcohol policy states, your medical marijuana card is no good there. You're in Nevada.

Last year, the Reno Gazette reported on 350 arrests at the festival.

That being said, EVERYONE IS ON DRUGS. So the agents have kind of an impossible task on their hands.

We have one question though: If someone merely offers to barter some drugs for Pringles or whatever, would they still be busted for "selling"? Oh right, there it is in the drug policy: Even giving drugs to someone could "rise to the level of trafficking."

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