Oakland needs to be on the alert for two dudes (or anyone for that matter) posing as PG&E workers with clipboards and claiming they need to "check an easement" on your property, or similar. This is what happened to two elderly men in the Crocker Highlands neighborhood on Tuesday around 2 p.m.

Two men came to their door, described as both being 5' 6", Hispanic, and between the ages of 35 and 50, saying they needed to inspect a utility easement in the backyard. The couple, who are in their 80s and 90s, complied and didn't question the situation because they had previously received a letter from the City of Oakland warning them of such inspections — a warning the imposters were likely taking advantage of. While one man distracted the residents in the backyard, the other robbed the house of $5,000 in cash and jewelry.

PG&E would like everyone to know that they always ring your home with an automated call 24 hours before any such inspection. But if you hang up on any voice that sounds automated, this might not help.

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