September 10 has been set for the next big product unveiling by our overlords at Apple, and the media is already abuzz. It's been rumored since June that Apple's manufacturers in Asia were making components for two new iPhones, one a lower-cost version with a plastic casing and one a higher end version of the phone. It's now been confirmed by AllThingsD that there will soon be an iPhone with a gold metallic casing, and it's likely that it will be unveiled along with the lower cost phone, which the company hopes will boost sales in China and India.

The plastic iPhone, purportedly called the iPhone 5C, according to leaks will come in a number of cheery colors like salmon and chartreuse. (See some leaked casings at right, via Sonny Dickson and CNET.)

The Wall Street Journal confirms that Apple suppliers are supposed to begin shipping two new models in early September.

Meanwhile, their competitors at Samsung are having their own product unveiling on September 4 at which they will be launching a new large-screen Galaxy Note "phablet," or phone-tablet hyrbid, which we hope doesn't look like when we put our iPad mini up to our ear and say "Hello?!" like Pee-Wee Herman.


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