For the first time this year, organizers at Black Rock City convened a Drone Summit to discuss the growing proliferation of drone-mounted video cameras swarming about the playa. And now, there are guidelines.

As HuffPo Notes, the drones, or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) have been getting more popular among geeks who go to Burning Man, and thus you have an air traffic problem arising as these things go zipping every which way at all hours. The new guidelines are as follows:

• All UAVs carrying cameras will register with Media Mecca and each UAV will carry a unique registration number on a small decal on the vehicle.

• Operators will avoid flying over crowds and populated areas.

• Operators will avoid flying during the Temple burn.

• No flying near the Black Rock City airport or helipads.

• No flying near the Man any time Saturday the day of the burn.

Got all that? Careful out there, nerds.

[Burning Man Blog]