The historic Balboa Theater is in danger of closing if it can't raise the funds to go digital. The Ocean Beach Bulletin reports that the 87-year-old theater is seeking money through a Kickstarter campaign to replace its 35mm films projectors and upgrade its sound equipment, which the theater estimates will cost about $150,000.

The theater is currently seeking $75,000 to upgrade one of its two auditoriums, but says that any money raised above that number will go towards work on the second space. If it doesn't reach its goals, the theater will have to close its doors.

From the Kickstarter page:

"Without digital the Balboa Theatre can't continue to screen new films and the theatre will likely go dark. We don't want that to happen and we know you don't want it to happen either. So please give what you can and for that we'll give you great opportunities to experience the new and improved Balboa for many years to come."

If you've been a patron of the theater, you might consider pitching in, if nothing else to preserve the best matinee deals in town. So far, they've raised over $40,000, but as theater manager Adam Bergeron told the Ocean Beach Bulletin, "my worry is that the rest of the way up until our deadline will be a slow, bumpy ride.”

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