Sam Horowitz, who just became a man last fall in Dallas, can thank his generous parents for allowing him to make the crazy insane entrance he had so dreamed of making to his own bar mitzvah reception. The 13-year-old Horowitz's bar mitzvah video is just now making the rounds after being picked up by a Jewish mommy blog, and my god. That kid's gonna be a star.

We'd like to applaud young Sam, especially since 13 is an age where you're just barely on the cusp of the deep self-consciousness that descends during adolescence, in which kids older than him would likely have been too ridiculously embarrassed to fulfill a dream like this one, to dance in a flashy choreographed number, with Vegas-style backup dancers, in front of all your friends and family. The only thing missing was a few sequins.

Also, keep in mind, this is just the opening number. You know what they say about Texas!

[Kveller via Gawker]