The gaming world is full of dicks, and not in a good way. Gay guys and women (especially women) aren't typically welcome within this fascinating world of digital dorkdom. (Your SFist editor's own experience trying to play Halo back in the day with a bunch of straight dudes didn't go over well, either. Alas.) But this weekend in San Francisco, GaymerX, the world's first ever LGBT gamer convention happens on Saturday and Sunday.

"There's a lot of bullying and homophobia in the gaming community," GaymerX cofounder Matt Conn tells Mashable. "Part of our mission is to help that change."

This weekend's kickoff will boast gaming panels, booths, concerts cosplay, parties, and more. Noted supporters include EA, Xbox, GLAAD, The Trevor Project, dot429, and Straight But Not Narrow.

More than 2,000 tickets been sold. Tickets run $45 online or $60 at the door.