Now that Brian Wilson sports American flag mantanks and plays for Dodger Blue (alas), it's time to replace his diminutive likeness in your lineup of San Francisco Giants promotional items. Enter the Tim Lincecum lawn gnome: a freakish, squat version of the no-hitter pitcher.

The first 30,000 lucky fans to arrive at AT&T park on August 25th when the Giants close out a four-game series against the Pirates will head home with their own little golem Timmy. We're not really sure what's up with those Back to the Future-esque shades, but we have to give the design team points for the hoodie/gnome hat, the lifelike soul patch and a grin that could only be the result of a couple bong rips of afghan kush.

In other tchotchke news: those Brian Wilson frozen in carbonite figurines are going for modest $25 - 40 dollars on eBay by now. Although no word yet as to what Virgin will do with that bearded airplane. Too bad the Giants didn't give the guy what he wanted. Sigh.

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