Because when you go to a BASEBALL GAME you want a SALAD, the fine folks at AT&T Park will open an edible garden for the 2014 season. Tentatively located behind the center-field wall, right between the bleachers, the "Giants Garden" will "supply food for the park's catering operations," as well as act as "an open-air restaurant" and "community classroom." So, yeah.

"There's so much product we can grow, it's unbelievable," Fedele Bauccio of Bon Appetit Management Company and owner of Public House an Mijita) explained to the Chron. "Kale, strawberries, broccolini, citrus, huckleberry ... . The idea would be for people to sit there and watch the game and eat food from the garden."

Unless the garden grows organic chilli fries, you'd best make peace with your maker if someone from the bleachers spots you nibbling on broccolini and/or kale, chump.

Old-fashion baseball Cracker Jacking aside, we here at SFist admire and appreciate the influence of Alice Waters' Edible Schoolyard program, which has, quite shockingly, made its way to AT&T Park. Quite a feat, really. In the end, it's a very Bay Area thing and more than appropriate for a stadium located in San Francisco, the belly of the artisan-craft beast.

Meanwhile, stadium concession workers, sans proper contract since 2010 and paid less than minimum wage, aren't able to share in the astounding success of Giants, despite rising ticket and food prices. They've been protesting the issue since the beginning of the (dreadful) season.