According to Freud, a child's delight in defecation (i.e., abjection) stems from his or her pleasure in creating something of his or her own. And while our personal beliefs in postmodernist revisions of Freudian theory ebb and flow, two things remain certain: poop is important, poop is funny. Don't believe us? Check out our vastly superior SFGate headline edit: "Plenty of blame to go around on FART negotiations."

Comedy gold.

And with that, we are tickled to bring you word about Poop Is Art And Vice Versa, an exhibition featuring the latest works by Guillermo Sanchez and Rafael Saenz, founders of The show, happening at Public Works, will feature a sundry of paintings, small photographs, fashion designs, and a site-specific installation many of which use real animal shit "that has been carefully hand picked from local farms in the bay area and converted into (f)ART."

According to the invite, the duo's work will "fearlessly mock icons of the art world, pop culture celebrities, famous contemporary artists, their dealers, and very often, themselves."

The exhibition is one night only. Bring your kids too. Kids love poop. So will you.

What: Poop Is Art And Vice Versa
When: Wednesday, August 7th 2013
Where: Roll Up Gallery - Public Works, 161 Erie Street (at Mission), S.F.
Time: 6 - 9pm