In inevitable startup news, that one guy who was telling you that his idea is "like Airbnb, but for boats!" got funded. The result is Boatbound, "the first fully insured 'pier-to-pier' boat rental marketplace." It's basically the logical outcome of housing and ride-sharing startups (like Lyft, it will have a quirky marketing gimmick/accessory: a captain's hat to wear while at the helm. "All we ask is that you leave it on the boat when your rental is up so the next person can feel the power too!")

The idea sort of makes sense, seeing that most boats are a) amazing and b) sorely underutilized, except maybe as alternative housing for people going through breakups (and seniors letting off some steam). We've all gazed longingly at the glistening boats docked at our many marinas, dreaming of the day that our one friend with a boat will invite us along for a ride. Now, totally inexperienced boaters and sailors can have a go at it, too.

Bay Area prices range from $30/day for a kayak to around $1800/day for a fully equipped, music-video worthy Nordhavn 47 (picture above). But partiers, take heed: the website's terms of use expressly forbid smoking, operating a boat under the influence of drugs or alcohol, drug trafficking, beaching, competitive racing and other "dangerous activities." Posing for Instagram photos in exchange for free rental credits and swag, however, is expressly encouraged.