Lest they spawn too many imitators, that lascivious couple caught on video having unapologetic sex in the back of a moving BART train is now wanted by BART police and will be subject to banning from the train system.

Earlier this month, BART police said that, yes, they had seen the video. Now agency spokeswoman Alicia Trost has issued a new statement in response to the viral tryst saying, "Lewd activity is not only highly inappropriate on BART, it is illegal. It can and will get you banned from the entire system. Do yourself and the families who ride BART a favor and keep it in the bedroom."

As you may have heard, BART instituted a new law this year that allows them to ban unruly or rule-breaking passengers from the system for anywhere from 30 days to a year. And as the Mercury News notes, this disgusting incident presents a "high-profile test" of the new rule, putting BART cops and station agents on the lookout for the offending duo so they can ban them. File under: unlikely.

[Mercury News]

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