Ex-New Yorkers in S.F. love to scoff at what San Franciscans consider "crowded" on Muni and BART trains, given how much more civil, spacious, and temperature controlled things are aboard public transit here compared to there. But, of course, the people of Beijing can laugh at us all, because this is what a Beijing subway looks like on a typical morning.

This appears to be Xi'erqi station, and was shot last week, and you can see the ridiculous process of people fighting their way off the train as a horde barely waits to fight their way on, and then the train can hardly get moving because of all the people crammed in and blocking doors, which is only slightly helped by subway attendants (in yellow) who shove the last people onto the train, and yank some others off (for reasons that are unclear).

And the next time you're on Muni at rush hour clutching a pole near a door while the whole middle of the train is barely full, shove in for god's sake.

[Beijing Cream]
[h/t: Chad Fox]