Crisp. Modern. Glossy. Where's the tasting menu? All these things and more pop into mind when we lay our tired eyes upon BART's new model train car. It begs for you to don your latest Prada fall suit to take your next ride to Orinda. If cocaine were public transportation, it would be this. Drink it in.

Ariel Dovas snapped the above shot (which first appeared on Mission Mission). Some of his followers had this to say, "So clean," "love the flat design," and "like a mock-up of a fictional future train."


On the downside? No comfy, yet germ-laced, fabric seats. On the plus side? This might make it less comfortable to have sexual intercourse on BART.

To the press release:

A milestone in public outreach for BART’s Fleet of the Future project comes July 23-26, when a full scale mock up of two-thirds of a train car interior will be set up for public viewing at MacArthur Station in Oakland.

You can kick the tires (metaphorically; after all, this is a wooden model of the interior of the car, and BART trains don’t have tires) between 2 pm and 7 pm from Tuesday - Friday on the concourse level of the station, in front of the multicolor peacock-feather-looking mural. BART has built the plywood model to give the public a sense of the proportions of the new cars, possible configurations of seats, placement of bike racks and handholds, so visitors can share impressions about these and other new features. Those going through the model will fill out a survey to give their feedback. Nearly 10,000 people have shared feedback so far on the project by attending other events, taking online surveys or emailing comments.