Although a judge has already told San Francisco's nudists that being naked is not protected free speech, a group of the usual suspects plans to strip down for freedom again tomorrow. After hanging out on the steps of City Hall starting around noon on Saturday, the group plans to lead their bodies, themselves around on a fleshy "body freedom parade."

There's no word yet on the planned parade route, presumably because now-notorious activists like Mitch Hightower, George Davis, Rusty Mills and Gypsy Taub feel like they are being targeted by some selective enforcement of Scott Wiener's nudity ban. Since tomorrow's parade is not one of the city's officially sanctioned naked times, each protestor stands to rack up a $100 fine, more if they've been cited for nudity in the past as several of them have. At this point the group has stopped protesting the nudity ban itself, but the fact they get arrested so much.

Anyhow, if you're out and about around Civic Center on Saturday afternoon, expect to ignore even more naked people than.

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