Unless you've been living under a (rent-controlled) rock, you know that rental wars are in full swing, and another rent map shows just how expensive the city has become. According to the map, the average rent for a one bedroom in the city is now about $2,800, a two bedroom is $3,875, and a three bedroom is $4,750.

The map is put together by online price guide Priceonomics, whose genesis story ("We hate getting ripped off or over-paying for stuff so we built Priceonomics") stands in contrast to their geography ("We're based in San Francisco, CA").

According to the map, average rents for a one bedroom top out in SOMA ($3,475), the Financial District ($3,395) and Russian Hill ($3,200). The city's most centralized neighborhoods all seem to hover in the $2,700-$2,500 range, but keep in mind that that's an average, so for every rent-controlled apartment there's another, way pricier spot on the books. The Richmond, Sunset and Tenderloin remain on the cheaper end (that's $1,800-$1,650 for a 1 BR).


The makers of the map note that over the past two years, the price of a one bedroom has increased 27%, and the price of a two bedroom apartment has risen 33%, almost 10 times the rate of inflation. The neighborhoods that are getting pricier the fastest are Civic Center, Bernal Heights, and the Mission.

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