Asiana Airlines said today that they will sue Bay Area station KTVU for accidentally broadcasting the now-infamous fake pilot names of flight 214. This comes one week after the airline caused the death of three passengers and injured 180 others during a crash at San Francisco International Airport.

According to AP, Asiana spokeswoman Lee Hyomin said the airlines wants to "strongly respond to its racially discriminatory report" that disparaged Asians and Asiana Airlines, so they plan on filing suit in U.S. court. (A feeble way of shifting attention away from their own shoddy pilots' plane-landing skills seems another reasonable explanation.)

If you recall, news anchor Tori Campbell read the names of the pilots on the Friday noon broadcast. The fake names included "Captain Sum Ting Wong," "We To Lo," "Ho Lee Fuk," and "Bang Ding Ow." The station later apologized saying that the National Transportation Safety Board erroneously confirmed the names of the pilots. (The government agency blamed the misinformation on a summer intern.) Shortly after the July 6th crash, KTVU released a brazen, boastful series of ads that championed their mad skills covering the Flight 214 disaster, bragging about their fast and accurate reporting. God said, ha.

Anyway, here's the video that started it all.

Neither KTVU nor NTSB have revealed the origins of the fake pilot name list.

UPDATE: Original video pulled by KTVU, so here's another:

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