It should have been a great idea. It is a great idea. Take that unforgettable moment last year when the heavens opened and Giants second baseman Marco Scutaro spread his arms wide in the pouring rain to celebrate the Giants' NLCS victory, and turn it into a collector's item that fans could cherish for a lifetime.

We got really into the idea back in January, but now? We're not so sure. That moment of unadulterated joy has been duly packaged, and now it sort of feels less like an iconic moment in history and more like a small jar of sadness. It's called the Scutaro RainGlobe, and we're don't really know what to make of it.

The Giants are touting the RainGlobe as a triumph of social media and giving them away to fans on their July 26 Social Media Night (it makes sense once you watch the video below, which frames a heroic story arc whereby the RainGlobe went from fan idea to Twitter phenom to reality). But are we the only ones who see something undeniably forlorn about this particular giveaway item?

Maybe it's the sparse drip, drip, drip, of water, reminiscent not so much of last year's victories than of the many tears shed by Giants fans this season. Maybe it's the vitality of Scutaro's gesture trapped inside that diminutive container like Han Solo in carbonite. Or maybe it's just the fact that the Giants season has just hit rock bottom when they were, less than a year ago, on top of the world, laughing in the face of the storm.

So is the Scutaro RainGlobe the cubicle accessory of the season or just a depressing reminder of how far we've fallen? We leave the final verdict to you, discerning members of Giants nation.