BART Police would like you to know they are aware of the amateur porn shot on a train recently and that they are currently looking into the matter. According to BART PD deputy chief Ben Fairow, they have the seen the lewd couple going at it and their crack team of investigators is on the case.

Unfortunately, the department doesn't seem to have any evidence to go on other than what is already in the video: The couple was "partially disrobed," the humping apparently happened in a tunnel (judging by the noise and lights outside the window) and the car must have been one of the agency's older trains, since the gross, old cloth seats are clearly visible in the shot. It also seems obvious from the footage that the cameraman is in on the activity, or that the couple is at least aware that a third person is filming.

The video was posted to Facebook around 10 p.m. Wednesday, July 10th and to World Star Hip Hop around the same time. The timestamp on the post seemed to indicate it had been shot around the same time, but at least one reader told SFist via Twitter and Facebook that her nephew had shot the video months prior (SFist is still trying to confirm this, however). The alleged cameraman claims to be enjoying a moderate amount of Internet fame thanks to World Star Hip-Hop:

BART police are less amused however: "Lewd activity is not only highly inappropriate on BART, it's highly illegal," spokeswoman Luna Salaver told the Chronicle. "It can and will get you banned from the entire system. We will prosecute people if we can positively identify people for such behavior on a train." In May, BART started banning passengers with especially poor conduct. The department is encouraging anyone who may be able to identify the couple to call investigators at (510) 464-7040.

BART cops are no strangers to filming amateur videos themselves: some were armed with personal recording devices in 2011 after an officer shot and killed heavily intoxicated homeless man Charles Hill on the platform at Civic Center Station.

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