Around the Glen Park/Twin Peaks/Diamond Heights area, residents have found cooked poisonous meatballs around the area, with at least one dog being rushed to the emergency room after consuming the meat. Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Service believes the pooch likely consumed strychnine found in the meatballs.

AIMSS reports: "[The dog's] owner found the following baited meatballs in her neighborhood and we have confirmed that they are what this poor pup has eaten. She lives in Twin Peaks/Diamond Heights. His owner has gathered all the meatballs she could find (they look like the one pictured here), but there is no way to know if she got them all. "

Dr. Carrie Jurney of AIMSS goes on to suggest, "We don't know why the person who did this spread the bait. It is something that is occasionally used in a misguided attempt to control wildlife populations (coyotes, skunks, gophers, etc)." Symptoms include "agitation, over-reaction to sound/light/touch, seizures, hyperthermia and trouble breathing."

San Francisco police are now warning the public to be on the lookout for poisoned treats. If you think your dog has eaten one of the meatballs, please bring them to your nearest vet or animal care facility as soon as possible.