After BART and the unions agreed to extend two striking unions' contract for 30 days, BART service will return Friday afternoon starting at around 3 PM. While most commuters won't be able to get to work using BART during the AM, they will be able to get home in the evening.

SF Appeal has more:

“Unfortunately, the issues that brought us to this point remain unresolved. Despite lots of hard work, BART and its unions have failed to come to an agreement on contract issues that matter to all of us today and into the future. We still have a wide gap of disagreements to bridge over the next 30 days,” Crunican said

“We’re very, very pleased that these workers will be back to work and the trains will be running again in the Bay Area,” Morgenstern said. “The battle’s not over, the job’s not done, and everyone will be working as hard as they have between now and Aug. 4 to make sure that they have a good contract that keeps the trains running.”

And as far as getting to work, SFGate notes:

BART said it would run seven charter buses from five BART stations on a first come, first served basis: at the West Oakland, El Cerrito del Norte, Walnut Creek, Dublin/Pleasanton and Fremont stations.

Once the buses are filled they will head to San Francisco’s Temporary Transbay Terminal. Each bus can accommodate 50 passengers.

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