This morning at Facebook HQ in Menlo Park, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom took a moment to discuss the heart of Instagram before introducing a video tool for sharing your life in "beautiful" 15-second clips.

Getting pretty deep with the idea of a disposable photo sharing service, Systrom told the crowd, "We are forever on a quest to take a moment and record it forever in time. Because however long life is (or however short life is) we know we may never get that moment back. In this way, Instagram is a tool to remember." After taking another trip down memory lane to discuss Instagram's history as location-sharing app Burbn, Systrom introduced the addition of video, which Instagram's 130 million users will have immediate access to.

A few key elements set Instagram's offering apart from Vine, Twitter's own six-second video selfie app: First, Instagram clips give users 15 seconds to play with. Editing clips is slightly more robust, allowing users to delete individual shots and re-record them. Naturally, Instagram videos get filtered. In all there are 13 distinct new filters, different from their still photo counterparts, and created by what Systrom called a video filtering specialist.

"This is the same Instagram we all know and love," Systrom said, "but it moves."

In addition to cleaning up the color of your photos and videos with filters, Systrom also announced the addition of a new "Cinema" feature, which automatically stabilizes wobbly, nausea-inducing cellphone video to create something that users might actually want to watch. The examples shown during the event (mostly parents chasing children around with their phones) were admittedly impressive:

At the moment, only videos recorded through the app itself can be uploaded and there is currently no way to embed videos, like this one posted by Verve Coffee, on sites outside of the Instagram feed or web version. (Preview images that link to the Instagram page can be embedded, however.)

Cue inspirational commercial: