Adam Sobel of RN74 took top honors at this year's Cochon 555, the annual ode to all things heritage pig. Sobel was crowned winner in Aspen on Sunday by an audience of 400 foodies and 20 noted judges.

It's a big honor and a boon to the chef that nabs the prize. Sobel celebrated his win by cracking open a massive tin of caviar and downing some oysters. (Also, take a look at this guy pounding a 1-oz caviar bump off his hand. Living the life, that one. Consider us jealous.)

"I could not be more proud and enthusiastic of Adam’s win at Grand Cochon,” said Cochon 555 Founder Lowe in a press release. “It’s been an honor to reposition the conversation of heritage breeds in today’s very enthusiastic good food movement. Within the first five years hosting events nationwide, Cochon has made a significant contribution as part of the culinary community dedicated to heritage breeds, honest food and responsible agriculture. This event places Cochon in the history books - it represents the commitment of all the chefs and farms working together in support of a locally-focused culinary landscape.

Cochon 555 helps support responsible family farming across the country and the rise of heritage breed pigs, which, for the record, are goddamn delicious.

Check out Sobel and gang in action at the Cochon 555 festivities.