This month at Frameline, the San Francisco LGBT Film Fest, will be the premiere of the new documentary The Little House That Could. It's a film about The House of Field, and the stylist and store owner behind it, Patricia Field, and her impacts on fashion and pop culture over the past several decades.

Field, who is openly lesbian, became best known as the stylist and costume designer behind Sex and the City, but her influence pre-dated that show by at least twenty-five years, and she originally opened her first boutique in 1966. (She claims credit for inventing the modern women's legging in the 1970s.) Her store was an early place of employment for NYC nightlife icon Amanda Lepore, and has been integrally connected to the underground gay and nightlife scenes in the city for over forty years.

The Little House That Could screens on Friday, June 28. Get tickets here. Director Mars Roberge is expected to attend.