What is happening with the local stock of limousines? Another one burst into flames on Sunday morning, very nearly causing another tragic scene, this one involving a group of elderly women heading to Sonoma to celebrate a friend's 90th birthday.

That friend, Elayne Lofchie of Walnut Creek, was one of seven women in their 80s and 90s who were in the limo when one of the women's caretakers said she smelled smoke. Luckily the limo was not moving at the time, and was idling outside a home on Skycrest Drive in Rossmoor when the smoke was detected. Three caretakers present then went about evacuating the limo, and all ten women escaped safely before the entire vehicle burst into flames.

It was a 2008 or 2009 Lincoln Town Car limousine owned by TownCar SF, and the company insists it was properly maintained. Company owner Claudius Oliveira tells NBC Bay Area that he believes "the electrical unit that powers the TV, lights and stereo somehow malfunctioned."

Thankfully, this all ended much more happily than the horrific San Mateo Bridge incident on May 4 that left five women dead. Lofchie, however, didn't get her birthday trip to Sonoma, and said to NBC, "It's not the way I wanted to celebrate my birthday, no way."

Below, please appreciate Lofchie's confusion over the whole mess.

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