As the disparity of rich and poor continues to grow, people throw their money at the kickiest of Kickstarter campaigns. Right now, Speakeasy Briefs founders Jeff Schneider and Dan Goldman, have pulled in around $33K (of $10,000) to manufacture and sell a boxer brief that stores a flask of booze. Or credit cards. Or a wallet. In front of your penis.

Sound painful? SFGate's Tony Bravo tried on a pair and reported on it so you don't have to. "I already knew money and cards were no problem in the pocket, but when I tried to stick my cellphone in there, things just got weird. I was a little self-conscious about have my headphone seemingly growing out of my groin," Bravo notes.

Also, ow.

That said, the Speakeasys do seem cute. Great for condoms or (if you're an addict) illicit drugs! Check them out if you want to store your junk on your junk. Some men might even benefit from a little extra girth near the groin area. "You can purchase one pair for $19, three for $47 or seven for $99," Racked notes.