Finally, Palo Alto and Menlo Park can finally admit how much they hate each other and nothing lies between Muir Woods and the Richmond but the merest sliver of bridge. In this version of the RISK gameboard, the Bay Area is a battleground for more than just apartment seekers and blog commenters.

If you don't already know, RISK is an interminable game of strategic conquest wherein dice rolls dictate cavalry movements and territorites are conquered and reconquered ad nauseum until everyone gets too drunk to continue. It's fun!

This particular gameboard comes courtesy of an outfit called Havoc Games, which designed it along with 14 others as part of a Kickstarter project that would provide custom gameboards to strategy fans eager to 'think globally, act locally.' And who doesn't want to dominate the entire Bay Area, uniting the East, North and South Bay under a beneficent dictatorship to declare every day free ice cream day and eliminate sadness, sidewalk urine and parking tickets?

All you need achieve your dreams is to conquer and destroy every single one of your enemies (oh, and a fully licensed copy of the game RISK® by Hasbro, the not-at-all-litigious games manufacturer that has already conquered the world). You can get a jumpstart by backing the Kickstarter, which also gives you the option of a custom board made to your specifications for a mere $500 contribution.