The non-profit Trust for Public Land surveyed parks in the nation's 50 largest cities. The three crucial factors included park access, size, services, and public investment. Each park was rated on a scale of 1 park bench to 5 park benches. Defending champ San Francisco fell dramatically from 1st place to 3rd, tying with Boston. WITH BOSTON. Minneapolis came in at No. 1.

Having never been to Minneapolis, we can safe say that San Francisco has the best parks in the world. From Dolores Park (with its many strata layers of cultural makeup and naked yoga) to Alamo Square (famous the world over as the Full House park) to Yerba Buena Gardens (which, yes, at times has a fence and security checkpoint around it), our parks reign supreme.


Coming in last place is Fresno. (Chortle, Fresno. Get it together.)

All of the maps can be seen here.