Are you a "successful, busy professional with limited time to plan your romantic dates"? If you're somehow too busy to figure out where your favorite bar or restaurant is located or what to order once you're there, a new dating service called Datebook is for you.

The newly launched service is the brainchild of Melissa Edwards and Jessica Vasquez, who say it's "Marina girl approved". What a relief. They've set up their service to give men who can't be bothered to plan their dates the appearance of having made an effort, from restaurant reservations to gifts and flowers. "Dorky tech guys" and FiDi types are their target market, and 'You get all the credit' is their winky tagline.

Why can't that thoughtless lug you're trying to date do it himself? “Guys don’t plan or think ahead," Edwards told SF Magazine. "They’ll show up to a new restaurant without a reservation or take you somewhere generic like the Tipsy Pig.”

Ugh. Good luck with that dude, ladies.

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