When it comes to le cycling and les cars, we don't know, really. No idea AT ALL, man. So we had to ask a couple of real-life cyclists. As a staunch pedestrian, the technique many S.F. drivers seem to prefer is to look left at on-coming traffic without checking for pedestrian traffic on the right. It seems an equally, if not more harrowing experience for cyclists.

Camera affixed to his bike, YouTube user fake123 took this footage of cars making right turns on Valencia, one if the city's more popular spots for bikes. We asked our very own Andrew Dalton how he thinks drivers should turn right in order not to mangle cyclists. "It's a constant source of anxiety for me while driving," he tells us. "I usually just let them go while I wait in the lane with my blinker on."

Uptown Almanac's Kevin Montgomery gave us another explanation, saying, "Ideally, if cars needed to turn, they would signal and wait until cyclists immediately behind them pass before turning/merging into the bike lane." He adds: "I think parking in the Mission becomes a panic for people visiting for dinner...their brain goes primal and they turn into pseudo race car drivers."

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