This afternoon the San Francisco Zoo officially announced the arrival of a brand new, one-week-old giraffe calf. The calf, born to 11-year-old mother Kristin and father Floyd, entered the world early last Wednesday morning and joins Jillian the tiger cub and some recently hatched Magellanic penguins at the most adorable zoo in the country.

Animal keepers report that the new calf is a spunky female, standing 5-foot-10 and she's already getting along with the rest of the adult giraffes.

“We are very excited about this birth,” said Jim Nappi, Curator of Hoofstock and Marsupials at the San Francisco Zoo said in a press release. “Giraffes add a special majesty to our multi-species African Savanna exhibit. Their successful breeding means that our Zoo-wide Wellness Initiative is working as it should be; and when the animals are thriving, we are happy.”

Mother Kristin, who was born in Busch Gardens in Tampa. During this pregnancy the Zoo completed its first successful awake ultrasounds, which enabled animal staff to monitor the health of the fetus. Kristin has three other little ones scattered around the country. Father Floyd, also 11, was born in Albuquerque at Rio Grande Zoo.

The zoo also welcomed a teen giraffe to the herd last week: a female also from the Rio Grande Zoo in New Mexico. “Giraffes are herd animals, so these two young female giraffes will add to the dynamics of the whole group,” said Nappi. “The interactions within the group have already begun and all signs are positive that the additions will enrich all of their lives.”

For now, the mother and calf are spending some quality time together in the Osher Family Giraffe Lodge. The calf will be able to stretch her legs in a private outdoor corral until the pair is introduced into the African Savanna exhibit. We will, of course, update you when that happens. Until then, SFist is working with Zoo officials to have editor Brock Keeling lead the Pride Parade astride the new gal*.

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*Not really