While we can't say from experience whether it would be more or less difficult than coming out as a reformed homophobe, telling your parents that you're straight can be a difficult experience when half of your parental unit is arguably one of the most well-known gay men on the planet. On a press tour for his new book, American Savage: Insights, Slights, and Fights on Faith, Sex, Love, and Politics author, columnist, podcaster, advocate for things getting better and all around loveable human being Dan Savage recounted a difficult moment in gay parenting.

When Canadian LGBT news source Xtra! asked Savage for child rearing advice on Monday, he relayed the details about his 15-year-old son's adorable struggle:

"My son had to come out to us as straight, and he was worried what we might think… Even with all the support we gave him to be whatever he wants to be, he felt allegiance to us and allegiance to his family, and thought we would be disappointed that he wouldn’t be gay like us. He felt awkward coming out to us as straight, and it kinda broke our hearts.”

Judging by Savage's tone in the video below, those broken hearts weren't because their son had a different sexual orientation than his two dads, rather: the fact that it became a struggle at all. Also: "he was convinced he was gay because when he was nine because he hated girls."

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