Our yearly obsession with swans and collective nouns continues this Spring with a new lamentation of cygnets at the Palace of Fine Arts. Blue Boy and Blanche, the two remaining adult swans, have been getting busy again this season, and have recently hatched four downy little fluffballs which you can find enjoying the picturesque environs in the Palace Lagoon.

Local nature photographer David Cruz snapped these photos at the Lagoon last week along with too-cute video of three of them fighting over a bit of lunch. Because we had never thought to ask before, we now know a swan's diet consists mostly of pondweed, stonewort and wigeon grass — which are all real plants not made up by a children's book author.

You may recall that last year right about this time Blanche and Blue Boy welcomed six little cygnets.

If you decide to pay them a visit, please remember to give them a wide berth. Speaking from experience, Blanche can be a frigid bird sometimes.

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