Baby jokes aside, all signs point to Kanye West having another special delivery coming sometime in the next few months. He's been getting ever-weirder with his tweets and he'll be on SNL tonight, most likely to promote a follow-up to Watch the Throne. Last night West premiered a new single "New Slaves" in impeccably Kanye-esque fashion: by projecting a giant image of his head singing it on the side of high-profile buildings across town.

Kanye's head loomed large over Union Square on the side of the Westin St. Francis and the Saks Fifth Avenue next door:

Across from Huntington Square Park and Grace Cathedral, apparently no one was paying attention when it hit the side of the Nob Hill Masonic Center:

On the side of the law library (and a 5-Fulton bus) at USF:

On the Federal Reserve Building on Main:

SF MOMA on Third Street:

According to Kanye's site, the stunt also popped up on the side of the De Young museum in Golden Gate Park and the wall of Mission Bicycle on Valencia Street. Surprisingly, no one had an iPhone handy to record that one.

The stunt wasn't limited to San Francisco alone: In New York, Yeezy hit the side of the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg and back in his hometown of Chicago, our colleagues at Chicagoist rounded up more than half a dozen videos of the publicity stunt. He also had his worldwide minions shine his face on buildings across L.A., Miami, Toronto, Paris, London, Berlin, and Sydney.