Two men, reportedly on their way home from the Golden State Warriors playoff game, were killed last night after a gunman riddled their Porsche with bullets along the 880 in Oakland. When police arrived at the scene, they found one man already dead inside the car, the other ejected onto the freeway.

Oakland Tribune notes:

Authorities said both men were wearing Golden State Warriors garb and had tickets to Thursday night's playoff game, which had ended a short time before the shooting with the Warriors losing to the San Antonio Spurs 94 to 82.

Police said dozens of vehicles passed by the scene before the California Highway Patrol shut down the northbound lanes. Investigators would like to talk to anyone who drove by the scene before the freeway was closed.

The Chronicle provides further gory details:

The Porsche crashed into the center divider. The man in the passenger seat was ejected, struck by another car and killed.

Names of the victims have not been released. Authorities suspect that, most likely, the two basketball fans were targeted. No arrests have been made.