Hey there, people who like to get naked. Hi! Today, in these our modern times, it is unrealistic to go outside and run a marathon painted as a gazelle without someone snapping a pic of your ass. You're in public with your pubic hair hanging out. What we're getting at: If you plan on running this Sunday's Bay to Breakers in the buff, which many of you will do, anticipate someone snapping a picture of your nude form and crystal-clear face. Vine. Twitter. Blogs. Even here on SFist. Your private bits and part can (and most likely will) show up online.

We bring this up because, come Monday morning, we here at SFist will receive a handful of handwringing emails begging us not to post their nude/drunk photos. We always do. Obviously, we're not jerks. If you find your racy bod on our site ans want it pulled, so to speak, we'll gladly help you out. We like you. We really do. However, you might not be so lucky with other esteemed publications found on the world wide web.

If you do want to run raw and let the world to see, let your freak flag fly high and proud.

However, don't even think about unleashing your bodily waste on city streets this year. Because that's why. And this. Or this. Oh also. And good heavens, you don't want to be her. Something to keep in mind as you're downing your eighth Corona.

(Photo: Bhautik Josh)