It's time once again to check in on Captain Greg Corrales and his cheeky roundup of the week's arrests and citations in and around the Upper Haight.

First off, he picks out his own highlight of the week's events, which was this unfortunate abuse of a beat officer on Mother's Day.

Mother's Day - May 12th, 5:20 p.m. - Haight & Ashbury - Aggravated Assault on a Police Officer
As the Haight Street Beat Officer was citing a thug for possession of an open container of hooch, he was at- tacked by a second goon. As the officer was fighting his assailant, the first subject sprayed the officer directly into his face with pepper spray. The officer continued to defend himself against his first assailant’s attack, de- spite the effects of the pepper spray, when the original thug got control of the officer’s baton, with which he began to use to strike the officer. Two heroic passersby assisted the officer until other officers arrived and took the two lowlifes into custody. Another day on the beat!

Then we have some other highlights, using Corrales's droll choice of old-timey words.
Thursday May 9 - 12:20 AM - Battery
While walking home the victim was punched by an unknown lowlife.

6:25 AM - Buena Vista Park - Lout on the Lam Located
Officer Crockett encountered a somnolent scoundrel who he knew to be a fugitive from justice. Further investigation revealed that the noisome ne’er-do-well had an active felony warrant out for his arrest for drug crimes.

Saturday May 11 - 10:20 PM - Central and Hayes - Felony Malicious Mischief
Officer Ferraz located and incarcerated two buffoons who had smashed out the window of the victim’s automobile and then had thrown a gallon of paint into the interior of the auto.

Monday May 13 - 6:55 PM - McAllister & Baker - Lout on the Lam Located
Officers Bowers & Lee investigated a disruption of connubial bliss. They discovered that one of the parties was a fugi- tive from justice with an active felony warrant out for his arrest.

Tuesday May 14 - 12:07 PM - Alvord Lake - Aggravated Assault, Stick
Uncooperative victim said he was punched and hit with a stick by a group of “hippies.”

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